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Breaking the Power of the Mask


Discovering Healing, Freedom, andJoy on Your Journey with God

Since childhood, each of us has been trained in the art of wearing a mask to prevent people from seeing what’s really going on inside. However, what is hidden in the dark will eventually come to light. Emotions like shame, anger, and abandonment that often lie beneath the mask have the power to keep us in bondage. 


We must seek God to heal us. If you find yourself constantly living in the past, or you feel like you can never let people close enough to you to learn who you really are, this book is for you.


Challenge you to uncover the pain you have hidden behind a mask so you can begin the healing process.

Draw you closer to God by removing barriers that prevent intimacy.

Shift your belief that the past can determine your future.

help you to identify ways in which God can use your past experiences to help others.

This Book Will


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