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Start Your Healing Ministry

Starting a ministry is not easy. From determining your first steps to marketing your services or deciding which educational program to enroll in, you may feel like quitting before you even begin.

Jocelyn established the Trauma Healing Network to help those called to the ministry of emotional healing to overcome these challenges, so they can transform the vision that God gave them into a reality.   

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Life can be hard sometimes.  Whether you are going through a season of loss or have experienced trauma, this podcast is designed to strengthen your faith and help you navigate the difficult seasons of your life.  Learn from some of the best in mental health, hear powerful testimonies of God's faithfulness, and discover valuable resources that can support you on your healing journey. 

Build your faith


The Mask

Our team is committed to helping individuals embrace life to the fullest by providing them with resources and tools to support people along their journey towards emotional healing. Through our Breaking the Power of the Mask (BPM) initiative, individuals are challenged to remove the metaphorical masks they wear to hide their pain so that God can heal the wounded pieces of their heart.  Workshops, retreats, and keynote addresses are a few of the BPM service offerings. The curriculum and topics for these services are modeled after the book, Breaking the Power of the Mask.  More information about this book can be found HERE. To receive information on how you can schedule a BPM event, email

Breaking the Mask

Keynote Speaker & Trainer

Whether speaking at a conference, retreat, or Sunday service, Jocelyn shares a message that inspires, challenges, and transforms the hearts of those who hear her.  Her interactive style and unique ability to bring a story to life forces people to look at themselves and the world around them with a new set of eyes.  Jocelyn also offers Christian life coaching for individuals who desire one-on-one support. 

Keynote Speaker
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