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Jocelyn is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. Jocelyn's background as a journalist, executive director of a nonprofit, and community leader allows her to connect with people from all walks of life.  She received her bachelor's degree from the University of Iowa in journalism.  After receiving her B.A., she earned her master's degree in social work and her master's degree in theological studies.  Jocelyn published her first book in 2019, titled Breaking the Power of the Mask.

Jocelyn is an ordained minister and the President of Faith on the Journey, a Christian Counseling company specializing in grief and trauma.  She is a Master Facilitator with the Trauma Healing Institute and the founder of the Trauma Healing Network that offers support to those called to the ministry of emotional healing. 






Jocelyn seeks to transform this world by helping people to identify and walk in their purpose. She believes teaching individuals how to fully embrace the love of God, as well as the joyful and challenging parts of their journey, will set them on their path towards accomplishing this.

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